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Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko, its scientific name is Eublepharis Macularius, but neither you, nor me, nor anyone is able to pronounce that name 😂. The Gecko is popular for being one of the easiest reptile species to breed in captivity.


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Origin of the Leopard Gecko

The origin of this beautiful and funny lizard is Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India. The Leopard Gecko is a small reptile from the desert areas.

It is a nocturnal or twilight saurian, so its greatest activity is in the last hours of the day and the first hours of the morning.

Perhaps the Leopard Gecko is, of all reptiles or sauropsids, the easiest to care for, which is why it is an ideal pet for children and lovers of lizards and reptiles that wish to start in the fascinating world of terrariums and reptiles. as pets.

That it is an easy species to raise and to take care of does not mean that it does not require special care. All pets require our attention, and these little lizards are not exempt from it. Pay special attention to temperature, substrate, humidity and feeding.

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