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Leopard Gecko

Feeding Leopard Gecko

Food supplements to complement the diet of your Leopard Gecko and keep it healthy and healthy.


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What does a Leopard Gecko eat?

The Leopard Gecko is a lizard, a reptile of the family of Insectivores. Its diet consists of small insects such as crickets, grasshoppers or worms. Small invertebrates are the largest source of food for these lizards.

It is advisable to buy insects for our reptiles in specialized stores to avoid infections of our Gecko by insecticides and pesticides used to kill garden pests and similar setbacks …

Do I need supplements for my Leopard Gecko?

Yes, the truth is that supplements or food supplements are necessary.

A Leopard Breeding Gecko has to be fed every day, on the contrary, an Adult Gecko is fed one day and the next, not so, so on …

Geckos feed on live animals, but a good supplement will get your lizard to better metabolize the vitamins and calcium it needs for a favorable state of health. Especially when they are making changes or changes of the skin.


To have our Leopard Gecko in good condition, it is important to have certain water care. Make sure there are no remains of food (dead insects) in the container where you put the water.

Change the water and disinfect the sprue very frequently.

If your Gecko has fresh and clean water, he will thank you very much …

Video about the feeding of the Leopard Gecko